Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dreams of Dance

Ok, I was watching Lifetime's Dance Moms, (Ok, I know it's worse than Toddlers and Tiaras, but there was nothing else on), but then as a former ballet student, I had the idea to make some dance and ballet inspired outfit collages.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Luv Wu!

        As a lover of fresh, light springy dresses , Jason Wu is one of my favorite designers. Not only is his S/S 12 collections buzzed about in the fashion world, his affordable line for Target, features pieces for only $20-$60. (Yay, scrubbing the bathroom toilet finally pays off!). Here are some of my favorite looks from this seasons collection:

I love the suit-like combo with the pale yellow blouse! I'm sensing a trend here with the yellow.

The London School-Girl-esque shorts are a used through out Wu's whole collection.

A real piece of art! I love the shirt!

I love this combo!! I would wear this to a funky party or premiere, with my hair in a loose bun, these gorgeous medallion like earrings I have, with these blue wedge heels!!

Shoes: Betsey Johnson $128 


I absolutely love this look, I would wear this going to a scouting event or to a small movie premiere.

I love the color of the skirt of this dress, if reminds me my Grandma's old tulip garden.

Every damsel in distress will be ready for the prince in this dress, Modern neon Cinderella.

Be the Belle of the Ball, in this highlighter-yellow dress!

And the mastermind behind these: Jason Wu

Like a natural woman

Scoured through W Magazine,Jan 2012, and here are some things that definitely caught my eye:

If you can see, congratulations, you have amazing eyesight! But I love the soft, woolly look of the white, a cutout from W Magazine. Sweater: The Modernists: The Row

I love the floral accents of the navy cape, with the red roses, I just got a cape, but its just hounds tooth, not all rosy like this one, also a cutout from W Magazine. Cape: Jill Sander
Jacket: Haider Ackermann

Ok, I love the black lace turtleneck dress!! A cutout from W Magazine  Dress: Lanvin Paris
Purse: Proenza Schouler

And, yes, here is my outfit for the day, except for the slippers I wore tan oxfords and my favorite sheep socks passed down from my recently deceased Great Aunt.

Sweater: Abercrombie, Jeans: Children's Place, Top: Wet Seal, Cami: Abercrombie, Necklace: Claire's

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Arrival of Mojo

Well, I've always been on the other side of the Internet and Fashion World, looking at blogs, or looking at collections, ideas, clothing, and inspiration, never on the other side creating these things myself, but after finally realizing the large amount of interest (more like obession) growing in me for fashion, I decided to start a blog, mainly because I think I have  good ideas and designs, and  I love to report the fashion escapades I go on and my new favorite  bloggers, magazines, and designers.

But, if you CONSTANTLY want to see all the fashions strait off the catwalk, this blog isn't for you. If you like street style, inspiration and trends, vintage finds, my unique designs and creations and a budding teen's take on fashion, yes this blog is for you.

And just to let you know, I'm really not like other kids my age. I'm different, well... I don't consider jeans and a t-shirt "stylish" and I probably never will. I'm not scared to be weird and colorful and quirky, because that's who I am. I only wear what I love, and shall never compromise.

Some other things I'll probably do in this blog is:
1.) Give reviews of classic literature I'm reading (I'm almost done with Little Women by Lousia May Alcott)
2.) Give any updates on me persuing theater and acting, my other passion, that slightly trumps fashion
3.) And of course share occasional details of my day-to-day life

                                                                                                 Best Wishes and love,
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